Unsecured Loan

Unsecured Loans for any purposeUnsecured Loans are available for all purposes and are basically used for anything you deem necessary.

Unsecured Loans available from £1,000 to £15,000Typical 17.9% APR Variable

Perhaps you need advice about an unsecured loan for one of the following;

  • Looking for advice on car credit?
  • Need help to find Home Improvement loans?
  • Apply for an Unsecured Loan OnlineDo you require a Holiday loan?
  • Need to clear credit card debts or outstanding bills?
  • Do you need advice about Tenant loans?
  • About to pay for a Wedding?

Unsecured Loans for Any Purpose

Unsecured Loan Lenders UK

Unsecured credit requires no security. Unsecured loans are not linked or tied to your assets and so it therefore presents a greater risk to the lender which makes them more selective about who they lend to.

You will have to satisfy quite a stringent criteria during your unsecured loan application. Lenders are keen to see evidence of a good credit history and that you are earning enough to meet the repayments scheduled.

Interest rates for unsecured loans are often higher and they also depend on how much you are borrowing. Please make sure you understand what the interest rate is and how it affects your repayments.

Unsecured LoansIf you are being turned down for unsecured credit you must ask yourself what the lenders or finance companies can see on your credit report that is not allowing them to approve your application.

Lenders and credit brokers are under no obligation to approve your application!

  • Can you remember who you owe money to?
  • Have you moved home and lost touch with your lenders?Apply up to £1,000@ www.quickquid.co.uk
  • Are you hiding away from creditor letters because you can’t afford repayments?
  • Looking for credit to help you survive on a  monthly basis?

 If you are suffering from any of these above problems then you will find it very difficult to obtain an unsecured loan credit or money from any company other than a door to door lender.  These doorstep lenders charge very high rates of interest due to the risk you present to them of none repayment.

Should you need to discuss your situation with a trained unsecured loan broker, please contact our free helpline using 0800 118 2345, your call is free and confidential.  Our lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.