Our Service Promise

Larry’s Service Promise

  • Larry does not just broker loans – He considers the service offered too!
  • Larry the Loan Broker is a registered trading style and trademark of Lewis Alexander Ltd.
  • Our company is registered in England, UK.                  -: 4668712
  • Licensed under the Consumer Credit Act                      -: 534049
  • Registered under the Data Protection Act of 1998     -: Z7660931
A quality service is what you should receive and the following are some of the main promises we make.
  • We always treat the customer fairly.
  • You will not hear us making misleading claims.
  • Responsible lending is our priority.
  • All fees, charges and communications will be completely transparent throughout our processes.
  • Our fees are paid by the lender, not the client directly.  Fees vary subject to loans funded.
  • Products and services are recommended in the consumers best interests.