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Ways to Clear Personal Loans & Debts – Try to Stop Smoking!

  • Attention Smokers:
  • If you are looking for different ways to clear personal debts and happen to be a smoker, one simple way of clearing debts in a shorter period of time would be to consider and stop smoking.

The amount of money spent on smoking in the UK by the average “20 a day cigarette smoker” is approximately £3100 a year. This is a very large part of the average persons’ earnings and has risen to such a large amount of monthly expenditure that by stopping, the savings noticed can be quite considerable. This is without mentioning the health costs associated with smoking 20 cigarettes a day.

If you then accept that most smokers enjoy the habit and not just the drug they crave being the nicotine, then the new electronic disposable cigarettes may be a very viable option to investigate further.

If you find that you are short of £200 – £300 per month and smoke 20 cigarettes a day, then stopping smoking or switching over to the e-liquids UK for vaping or disposable electronic cigarettes could be a starting point to that final “quit” day!

You may even find that you enjoy smoking the zero level nicotine products that the electronic cigarette market offers.  When people that smoke are searching for personal loans, some of them would not need the loan if they stopped smoking or reduced the costs of smoking cigarettes by choosing a less expensive alternative such as the rechargeable electronic cigarettes.

If you saved £200 per month that became £2400 per year, you should consider that over a 5 year period you could pay off £12000 of personal credit card debt or loans.

Remember, by stopping smoking and moving over to electronic cigarettes or e-liquids, you could save yourself a packet!

Loan Advice

I Live in Scotland and Keep Getting Refused a Loan or Credit

  • Are you a Scottish resident that has been refused loans?
  • Do you struggle to pay your credit card or loan repayments each month?
  • Have you been using credit to pay for items you used to pay for with cash?

When Scottish clients contact our loan helpline from Scotland, it is usually because they have been refused loans and credit to consolidate personal debts.  We are often able to help them solve the personal debt problems they are struggling with and this can be a massive relief to those that want honest and reliable financial advice.

If you have been refused a loan or refused debt consolidation loans or credit in Scotland, it can harm your credit rating further if you continue to apply and get refused.  This is because every time you make an application for credit the respective lender will usually check your credit file to see what other outstanding commitments you have, if any.

The constant applications you make for credit that result in turned down loan applications, then get recorded on your credit file and will just add up to one large rejection alarm bell to the next lender that takes a look!

This is why people usually struggle to find a way out of debt once refused debt consolidation loans.

If you live in Scotland, there are a number of personal debt solutions available to help you clear personal debt problems. The following are the most common solutions available in Scotland to clear personal debts;

  • Debt Arrangement Scheme – Government run debt management solution.
  • Trust Deed or Protected Trust Deed (Personal Insolvency) – Formal arrangement to pay, legally binding, Scottish equivalent to IVA or Individual Voluntary Arrangement.
  • Debt Management Plan – Informal arrangement to repay, not legally binding
  • Sequestration – Scottish equivalent to Bankruptcy.

Not all companies will offer the correct advice to a consumer who wishes to clear personal debt problems in Scotland. The laws appertaining to debt consolidation in Scotland regarding clearing personal debt are different to those throughout the rest of the United Kingdom. England, Northern Ireland and Wales all require consumers to enter into an IVA or Individual Voluntary Arrangement which is the equivalent to the Scottish Trust Deed.

If you live in Scotland and require help to clear personal debt problems then call our helpline today in absolute confidence using;

  • CALL  – 0800 118 2345 –  FREE
  • Lines are open 24 hours / 7 days
  • Calls are usually free from a UK land line, mobile call costs may vary

Loan Advice

Consumer Debt Solutions if Refused Consolidation Loans

  • Are you a UK consumer struggling to find personal debt solutions or loans to consolidate personal debt problems?
  • Have you recently been refused personal debt consolidation loans?
  • Do you need help to consolidate all of your unsecured personal debts into one, new monthly repayment?
  • Could you benefit from personal consumer debt solutions that work and are offered by an established and recognised debt consolidation service?
  • Did you know it is possible for a consumer to consolidate personal debts without having to take on another loan or increase borrowings any further?

Lewis Alexander Financial Management is a bona fide consumer debt solutions provider and has helped many people in the UK to clear personal debt problems using solutions they have provided.

You could also benefit from such a service if you have multiple credit card debts and loan agreements where you are struggling to reduce the balances.

If you are only making minimum repayments to credit card balances then you should take advice from a debt consultant, this is because making minimum payments does not tend to reduce the balance but only service the interest or charges the credit provider is applying to your account/s on a monthly basis.

Most consumer debt solutions or debt consolidation loans will offer an individual the benefit of one monthly repayment when dealing with debt. This is usually lower than all the minimum payments the consumer is currently making on a monthly basis when added up. Therefore, offering the consumer one new and often much reduced monthly repayment.

Solutions available to clear debts without taking on another loan are available in the UK an individual will usually choose the debt consolidation solution that suits them best. Homeowners may prefer to select a different solution to that of someone who rents a property.

Debt Management Plans, Individual Voluntary Arrangements, Protected Trust Deeds in Scotland, Debt Relief Orders and Bankruptcy are just the most common solutions available to clear personal debts in the UK if you have previously been refused a debt consolidation loan.

If you want the help of a professional debt consolidation service you can call Lewis Alexander FREE from a land line using 0800 018 6868, or from a mobile call 0161 872 3383.

All calls remain confidential.

Loan Advice

The £50 Loan that Costs £69.99 to find!

Beware of Payday Lenders and Short term Lenders charging UP-FRONT FEES

  • The £50 Loan that cost £69.99 to find and obtain!

  • Why would anyone wish to pay more to find or search for a short term loan or payday loan than the actual loan amount required?

It is hard to understand sometimes how a person will make a decision when presented with options to borrow money.

Most people will usually start with the main High Street banks and certainly start with the bank they use as this bank has the benefit of seeing that individuals’ income going in and out of the account each month.

This gives the bank a head start as they can see if the person can actually afford the loan they are asking for and the bank or any other responsible lender will also consider if the person applying can afford to repay the loan should they suffer a further change in circumstance in the future!

To hear that someone has paid £69.99 to see if they can get a £50 loan does not and will not make sense to most people, however, here at Larry the Loan Broker, we get to see and hear many stories that have a similar sound to them. Then we consider the individual we are speaking with and why they may have fallen victim to such a practice or process;

  1. Has the consumer been taken advantage of and lied to by the lender or loan broker?
  2. Has the consumer not heard correctly or miss-understood the process and costs involved to search for the loan?
  3. Have they basically just agreed to anything anyone says who sounds slightly able to supply credit to them?

Usually it is the third reason above as to why this process can take place, wishful thinking or urgent requirements obviously take over the mental buying / selection process when shopping for finance. Again, we have to ask ourselves why anyone would pay a fee for a loan that is actually higher than the loan amount required.

Most people paying these loan search fees are vulnerable consumers struggling to make ends meet, they are usually claiming state benefits of some type and unable to work for a number of varying reasons.

  • The simple message is beware of UP FRONT FEES.

If you do not like the advice you are given about a payday loan or other types of short term loans then please accept that if the loan company or payday lender you have taken the advice from is a bona fide company and genuine with the advice offered, you only have yourself to blame if taken advantage of by unscrupulous lenders or brokers.

If you need help or advice regarding personal loans or personal debt consolidation help including payday loans and being refused a loan, please contact us free and in confidence today using;

  • 0800 118 2345
  • Our lines are open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • Calls are usually free from a UK land line but mobile call costs to our free phone number may vary

Loan Advice

Check your Credit Report online with Experian


Credit references agencies – the largest in the UK is Experian – collate information about your financial background and past behaviour and format this data into your unique credit report.

Click here to see your Experian credit report online for FREE

Lenders see this information when they decide whether or not to offer you a loan, mortgage or credit card. It influences their assessment of the likelihood that you will repay them.

Information comes from two main sources:

• Public records, such as court judgements, individual voluntary arrangements and bankruptcies. Your credit report also shows whether you are registered to vote – lenders use this as a precaution against fraud, to check that you are who you claim to be and live where you say you do.

• Information from lenders and financial institutions, such as records of the number of loans you have and whether you have ever missed a repayment.

It’s important that all this information is as up to date as possible and correctly reflects your circumstances. Then lenders will make the best-informed decisions – and you will get the right deal.

The easy way to check your credit report is to log onto CreditExpert, the credit monitoring and identity protection service from Experian.
Click here for a free 30-day trial which allows you to see your credit report as often as you like.


If anything in your report is out of date or gives a misleading picture of your willingness or ability to repay a loan, mortgage or credit card, it can affect your chances of getting the best deals. It can even lead to outright rejection by lenders.

For example, you may have separated from a partner who has since run up debts but, because you have still got a joint account, his or her payment behaviour could be affecting you. You won’t see their credit data on your report but you will find a note of any financial association.

Or you may have shopped around for the best offer, without realising your enquiries have been registered as multiple applications. These should show as quotation searches. If they are down as applications, lenders could think you are desperate for money, have over-extended yourself or even that a fraud is being planned.

You could even discover applications and credit accounts in your name that you did not ask for. In that case, your identity may have been used fraudulently.

The easy way to check your credit report is to log onto CreditExpert, the credit monitoring and identity protection service from Experian. If you find anything you disagree with or would like to clarify the circumstances surrounding an entry, CreditExpert will help you to put the record straight.

Click here for your FREE Experian credit report

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