Ways to Clear Personal Loans & Debts – Try to Stop Smoking!

  • Attention Smokers:
  • If you are looking for different ways to clear personal debts and happen to be a smoker, one simple way of clearing debts in a shorter period of time would be to consider and stop smoking.

The amount of money spent on smoking in the UK by the average “20 a day cigarette smoker” is approximately £3100 a year. This is a very large part of the average persons’ earnings and has risen to such a large amount of monthly expenditure that by stopping, the savings noticed can be quite considerable. This is without mentioning the health costs associated with smoking 20 cigarettes a day.

If you then accept that most smokers enjoy the habit and not just the drug they crave being the nicotine, then the new electronic disposable cigarettes may be a very viable option to investigate further.

If you find that you are short of £200 – £300 per month and smoke 20 cigarettes a day, then stopping smoking or switching over to the e-liquids UK for vaping or disposable electronic cigarettes could be a starting point to that final “quit” day!

You may even find that you enjoy smoking the zero level nicotine products that the electronic cigarette market offers.  When people that smoke are searching for personal loans, some of them would not need the loan if they stopped smoking or reduced the costs of smoking cigarettes by choosing a less expensive alternative such as the rechargeable electronic cigarettes.

If you saved £200 per month that became £2400 per year, you should consider that over a 5 year period you could pay off £12000 of personal credit card debt or loans.

Remember, by stopping smoking and moving over to electronic cigarettes or e-liquids, you could save yourself a packet!


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