Consumer Debt Solutions if Refused Consolidation Loans

  • Are you a UK consumer struggling to find personal debt solutions or loans to consolidate personal debt problems?
  • Have you recently been refused personal debt consolidation loans?
  • Do you need help to consolidate all of your unsecured personal debts into one, new monthly repayment?
  • Could you benefit from personal consumer debt solutions that work and are offered by an established and recognised debt consolidation service?
  • Did you know it is possible for a consumer to consolidate personal debts without having to take on another loan or increase borrowings any further?

Lewis Alexander Financial Management is a bona fide consumer debt solutions provider and has helped many people in the UK to clear personal debt problems using solutions they have provided.

You could also benefit from such a service if you have multiple credit card debts and loan agreements where you are struggling to reduce the balances.

If you are only making minimum repayments to credit card balances then you should take advice from a debt consultant, this is because making minimum payments does not tend to reduce the balance but only service the interest or charges the credit provider is applying to your account/s on a monthly basis.

Most consumer debt solutions or debt consolidation loans will offer an individual the benefit of one monthly repayment when dealing with debt. This is usually lower than all the minimum payments the consumer is currently making on a monthly basis when added up. Therefore, offering the consumer one new and often much reduced monthly repayment.

Solutions available to clear debts without taking on another loan are available in the UK an individual will usually choose the debt consolidation solution that suits them best. Homeowners may prefer to select a different solution to that of someone who rents a property.

Debt Management Plans, Individual Voluntary Arrangements, Protected Trust Deeds in Scotland, Debt Relief Orders and Bankruptcy are just the most common solutions available to clear personal debts in the UK if you have previously been refused a debt consolidation loan.

If you want the help of a professional debt consolidation service you can call Lewis Alexander FREE from a land line using 0800 018 6868, or from a mobile call 0161 872 3383.

All calls remain confidential.


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